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Creating a funky brand for a new restaurant.

I made a logo for my friend’s new rotisserie chicken business! With this design I wanted to combine both Hispanic and American esthetics, incorporating bold, rugged design with bright, complimentary colors. I had the bird positioned as if it were hanging out on a window sill with a straw hat set low over his face and man old guitar in his hand. Enjoy!

  • Client
    • Yardbird
  • Skills Used
    • Brand Design
Image of a user journey the follows the career path of an employee.

Unapologetically delicious roasted chicken.

Man I love chicken. It makes a great stew, it's awesome in tacos, and even better on the bone. For Yardbird I really wanted to portray a personality that is blunt, confident, and funny. Influenced by the loud, opinionated voices of Arby's, Liquid Death and Duluth Trading Company, Yardbird's voice is unashamed of who they are, what they like, and the delicious chicken they make.