for Developers


  • 2019


  • Consumer Research
  • Brand Strategy

In 2019, Facebook came to Chapter SF and asked us to create a fresh, inviting, and comprehensive brand identity for their outdated developer platform. Working with Facebook leadership, experienced developers, and novice coders, I immersed myself into the developer ecosystem to understand what they do and why they do it. What I discovered laid the groundwork for the brand development and sparked our creative execution.

The Problem

Facebook for Developer had a shallow brand that didn’t reflect the current developer culture.

The Opportunity

Developers are philanthropic problem solvers. They not only love to make new things, but they love to share and collaborate with others.

The Solution

Leverage the nature of the developer culture to build a brand by developers, for developers.

Decoding developers

Synthesizing through hours of interviews and research, I designed a user journey to show the difference and similarities of both professional and novice developers. Using this map, we could identify key areas to market the Facebook For Developers brand to both types of users.

Building a Brand Operating System

From our research, we learned that coding isn’t led by a few individuals. It's led by an enthusiastic group of collaborative and dedicated makers.

A developer will spend hours or days sitting at their computer solving a gnarly problem but won’t think twice about sharing their solution with others. A coder knows that maintaining a culture of openness is the only way to push technology forward, find new answers to new problems, and pave the way for the next creative idea.

With this knowledge, we developed a Brand OS that marriages the collaboration that developers cherish with the tools and social togetherness that Facebook provides.

A logo for developers, by developers.

The new branding isn't just a logo, but a tapestry to show off the work of our developer community. The negative space of the "D" acts as a digital canvas for sharing inspiring projects created by the Facebook For Developers community.

Creating a digital megaphone for our developers.

But why just stop with the logo? Facebook's true power is its massive reach and ability to bring people together. The new Facebook for Developers brand will leverage its digital presence to bring awareness to coders who are making the neatest things with our products.

Instagram will feature posts and stories from well-known and underground developers highlighting what they made and demonstrating how they made it.

F8—Facebook's annual conference—will feature digital exhibits created by coders using our platform. These exhibits will be interactive and reflect the diversity of tools Facebook for Developers offers.