Create a digital identity and provide AmeriCorps help for a forgotten cemetery.

Loved ones lost

Evergreen Cemetery is an African American cemetery located a couple miles outside of Richmond. Because of 40 years of neglect and poor management, its plots have slowly become overgrown. This historic cemetery where many Richmond leaders of the 19th and 20th centuries rest, including Maggie L. Walker, needs volunteers and funding to be brought back to life

How I helped

AmeriCorps NCCC

I first started helping at Evergreen Cemetery last spring during a volunteer day. While there I met Marvin Harris, who has been leading the volunteer efforts for the last couple years. Using my AmeriCorps NCCC connections I was able to connect Marvin with their staff and get a permanent team to come out and help clear graves.

Creating an online presence

Marvin also needed a digital presence to inform others and help with the volunteer efforts at Evergreen. I designed and launched an online WordPress website where he can post upcoming volunteer days, list locations of loved ones’ plots, and have a way for good samaritans to donate money for supplies and support in his efforts. You can see the live site here.