ReynoldsCulinary Institute

We built a unique brand identity for a state-of-the-art culinary program in Richmond, VA.

A brand identity built
to challenge your expectations.

Drawing heavily from the new culinary program's architectural flair and the city of Richmond’s creative energy, “The Kitchen at Reynolds" is a brand identity campaign designed to increase student enrollment, entice potential donors, and symbolize a new chapter in a distressed area of Richmond.

Nationally, community colleges are considered starter schools—a stepping stone to a four-year degree. Not unrelated, culinary schools tend to keep to a very prescribed voice and identity. Instead of playing it safe, we took this as an opportunity to break from the mold and create a youthful, vibrant personality that defies conjecture and expresses Richmond's unique point of view on the culinary arts.

Brand Position

Reynolds Culinary Institute is the Epicenter of Culinary Development.

Brand Promise

Challenge the Recipe of Expectations.

A brand identity built
to challenge your expectations.

In a trade school, you're only as good as the skills you learn. The website of the Reynolds Culinary Institute is not only a school resource, it's a digital portfolio that shows off the work and stories of its talented students.

Each week, the Featured Student page will promote a student at RCI. This digital autobiography will tell their story and show off some of their best creations. After a week, the page will be archived and linked to that individual student's profile on the site.

The Foodie will be RCI's student-run culinary and cultural digitally community magazines. Students will express their unique angle of the culinary arts through opinion articles, share their skills and knowledge through recipe articles, and support the local culinary scene through online restaurant reviews.