FacebookFor Developers

A brand identity built from the drive, compassion, and curiosity infused in all developers.

A brand identity with
creativity and community at its core.

For six months I immersed myself in the developer culture. I interviewed professional coders, highschool hackathons, and brand stakeholders. I developed comprehensive user journeys and discussed future opportunities of the brand with some of the top leaders of the Facebook community.

From these discussions learned that the evolution of coding isn't led by a few individuals. It's a collective, collaborative effort that requires both dedication and generosity. A developer will spend hours, or even days, solving a problem but won't think twice to share their solution with a community of passionate strangers. Developers know that maintaining a culture of openness is the only way to push the technology forward, paving the way for the next creative idea.

With this knowledge, we developed a Brand OS that marriages the cooperation that developers cherish with the tools and unique social aspects that Facebook for Developers provides.


We believe we can only build a better tomorrow together.


We build tools for developers everywhere to create the future.

Understanding the journey of a coder.

Synthesizing through hours of interviews and research, I designed a user journey to show the difference and similarities of both professional and novice developers. Using this journey we identified key opportunity areas to improve the Facebook For Developers brand

A logo for developers, by developers.

We designed not only just a logo, but a container that houses the original work of the developer community. The negative space of the D acts as a stage and a canvas, showcasing the inspiring projects designed by coders of the Facebook For Developers community.