Building BridgesAcross The River

A new identity for an organization determined to provide opportunities for the 7th and 8th Ward of DC.

Harnessing the power of the
community to change the future of a city.

Last winter Building Bridges came to Fjord and asked for help to develop a distinct and professional identity that will attract new donors and encapsulate the professionalism of the organization without overshadowing the success of their programs.

Over six months, our team held rumble workshops, interviewed staff and volunteers, and visited the neighborhoods of the 7th and 8th ward to get a complete understand of what Building Bridges thinks it is and how the community perceives them.

By the end of the project, we packaged and delivered a belief structure and a visual identity that echos the needs of the community and embodies an organization that is determined to build new opportunities for its residents.


We believe the black community and other underserved communities have the right to an equitable and vibrant future.


Provide access to best-in-class programs and partnerships that enable our communities to reach their fullest potential.

Site that is a platform for the individual organizations

Building Bridges Across The River's umbrella site acts as an echo-chamber for its independent organizations. Instead of creating new content, users will be able to tag news posts and events from their programs that they would like featured on the Building Bridges home page and interactive calendar. This allows the Building Bridges site to remain relevant without taking away from the true heroes of the brand.