• 2020


  • Consumer Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • UX Design

Last winter Building Bridges came to Fjord and asked for help to develop a distinct and professional identity that will attract new donors and encapsulate the professionalism of the organization without overshadowing the success of their programs.

The Problem

Building Bridges Across the River's brand was outdated and didn't reflect both the proficiency of its programs and the culture of its community.

The Opportunity

The 7th and 8th ward of Washington is one of a kind in their people, their history, and their resilience to remain authentic.

The Solution

To create a brand that focuses on the most influential feature of Anacostia; the unrelenting strength of its community.

Learning fromo the community

Over six months, our team held workshops, interviewed staff and volunteers, and visited the neighborhoods of Anacostia to gain a complete understanding of what Building Bridges is trying to do and how the community perceives them.

The strength of a neighborhood

From your research, we discovered that the true strength of Building Bridges doesn’t come just from its employees or its state-of-the-art building—which are amazing—but from the resilience of the surrounding community. From that insight, we create a unique brand position that reflected what Building Bridges truly believed.

A new brand identity

Building Bridges is an umbrella brand; they have five individual organizations under them. Working with our clients, we created a brand that stood out from their organizations, paid homage to their individual designs, and—when featured next to them—didn't steal their thunder. Once we settled on a design we created brand guidelines to ensure the new design will remain relevant for years to come.

A home base for their organization

Building Bridges Across The River’s headquaters is the central location for its programs and we wanted their site to behave in the same way. Each program will have its page on the site where they can post content and articles but they will also be able to push certain posts to the main Building Bridges home page.

We also incorporated a central calendar that will feature events held across all organizations. This allows the Building Bridges site to be a central location of community information without taking away from the true heroes of the brand.