Project Details

For Vinita we were tasked with brining awareness to an important social injustice effecting the world – abusive arranged marriages in India.

Vinita Banner

Partnering with Tiffany, a company founded on the rights and sanctity of marriage, we created a new line extension of products who’s profits will support programs aimed at combating martial rape. Built around a fictional character and story that mirrors the true struggle women suffer in India every day, Vinita bracelets are a unique way to both support and bring awareness to Women’s Rights in India.

Theses bracelets will be launched in their retail locations and on their online store in August to coincide with Women’s Equality Day. There will also be an online campaign used to promote the product and encourage support for the cause.

  • Client:
  • Position:
    • Bringing progress to countries where women suffer every day from lack of empowerment.
  • Created by:
    • Whitney Downing / AD
    • Chelsea Sams / CBM
    • Alyssa Fea / CBM
    • Sarah Matheson / ST
    • Russ Rizzo / CW
    • Sarah Burley / UX