Project Details

We were tasked with partnering a smart-tech device with a company in order to address a problem or issue that was happening. We decided to convert Hamon smart apparel into a vest that UPS Freight drivers can wear to regulate and warn them of potential health risks they suffer from.

Hamon is a device made by Mitsufuji Corporation, a textile manufacturer located in Japan. The device uses high quality silver thread interlaced with it’s fabrics. This silver thread can detect biometrics of the wearers, including myoelectricity (the movement of skeletal muscles), respiration patterns, and brain waves.

hamon™ Information

Using this technology we wanted to help address health issues effecting truck drivers, specifically Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea causes people to loose sleep due to repeated blocking of their airway during sleep. It can effect anyone, but is more prevalent in people who are overweight, smoke cigarettes, and don’t exercises – three things most common in truck drivers.

HighwayHealth™ Steps

Partnering with UPS Freight, we wanted to incorporate the HighwayHealth system into their current fleets telematics using a 6 step process. The biggest step was to produce medical and legal standards used by the FMCSA to regulate truck drivers based on data from product testing. We suggested extensive research using Virginia Tech’s Transportation Institute’s FAST-DASH program, a program specifically created to test and collect data on highway tech safety devices.