Cooperative Capital

Project Details

Cooperative Capital is an investment organization that came to us for insight on how they can market towards local entrepreneurs. The program is designed to allow young professional to choose, and back, certain construction projects in their community. These projects will help improve the community as well as bring a return on investment, plus interest, for their contributors.

We were tasked with connecting Cooperative Capital with a new target market and encourage them to invest in the company.

Corporate Capital

Our idea was a revamp of Cooperative Capitals position, strategy, and overall company aesthetics. We wanted to give young professionals the chance to actually see what’s possible by investing in community improvements through Cooperative Capital. We used a mixture of gorilla marketing, online advertising, and print flyers to get the word out about the benefits of Cooperative Capital to potential investors.

  • Client:
  • Position:
    • Cooperative Capital is the fund that allows you to see your city grow.
  • Created by:
    • Chelsea Sams / CBM
    • Sarah Matheson / AS
    • Alyssa Fea / CBM
    • Russ Rizzo / CW
    • Whitney Downing / AD
    • Sarah Burley / UX